1. If you plan to hire an interior designer, look around. Ask friends on Facebook, neighbors, etc.

2. Hire someone you trust and once that has been decided LET GO.  If you know the designer is good then let them do there work.

3. If you get some ideas back from the designer that you don’t like, sleep on it. It may be the “new” you that pushes you out of your comfort zone and isn’t that one of the main reasons you are hiring someone and not doing it yourself? You don’t know how to make it original or you would have done it. I have even found this with people I hire for things. The next day I start to see the vision. If I can hold my tough long enough I end up loving it. *Only if I hired a person I really trust.

4. Be honest with them. If you don’t like a picture they show you of a room say NO WAY! I promise it doesn’t hurt our feelings. And it makes the job so much easier instead of you saying you like it when you really don’t.

If I were richer I would hire Vicente Wolf, Celerie Kemble, or Robert Stilin*.

In my current situation I would hire myself of course! Danielle Oakey, or Jenny Komenda.


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