I  have been searching for the perfect mattress for four years. As an interior designer I make myself the expert on all the best products on the line to share with my clients–and I actually love to do the research. But mattress research is the worst. There are SO many options and they’re all expensive. You go to the store, the guy asks you some questions, you lie on all of the mattresses–and you still don’t know anything.

Here’s what I found out…

Four years ago I decided I needed a new mattress. I searched the Internet and one of my winners was the Simmons Beautyrest. Just before I bought it I decided to see what mine was. My husband had it as a teenager and we brought it with us to California. I lifted it up and read: “Simmons Beautyrest.” I didn’t buy the new one and for some reason I slept so much better that night. Now the mattress is almost fifteen years old and I just haven’t been sleeping well. And so I started on another intensive research project. I thought there just HAD TO BE a better mattress out there.

Well, all of this just ended about five minutes ago with me clicking purchase to another new Cal King Simmons Beautyrest orld Class Sheldon Plush Firm Super Pillowtop Mattress. What a mouthful. I chose this mattress based on my research into user reviews, overall popularity, and price. I upgraded from a Queen to a Cal King–I like my space! And I’m a stomach sleeper so I like a firmer mattress but a softer top. I get it in three weeks so I’ll let you know how I like it. Anything will feel better than the Ikea twin I am currently sharing.  Don’t ask.

My budget was $1500 and I got this mattress for $1394 with free shipping through If I had a bigger budget, I would have gotten either the Four Seasons mattress that you can order from the hotel for $2200 plus tax and $150 shipping, or my very top choice would be the Charles H. Beckley mattress in NYC for $2217.00 plus tax and shipping ($500! – that’s what ruled it out for me).

Here is a list of my top mattress choice after all of my research. Hope this can make your choice a little easier. I know they are expensive but I can’t think of one thing in your house that is better to invest in than a good mattress. Good luck!

Match’s Best Mattresses List:

Cal King Simmons Beautyrest orld Class Sheldon Plush Firm Super Pillowtop Mattress,

Four Seasons mattress (it’s a Stearns and Foster made by Sealy, fyi) Cal King $2200 Queen $1800 *picked by a famous House Beautiful interior designer in an interview, I also slept on it for a week during my honeymoon. Excellent.

Crate &Barrel Simmons BeautyRest Cal King $1400 Queen $1200

Pottery Barn Westin Heavenly $1300 Cal King Coil Count: 1085   $1125 Queen Coil Count: 825

Charles H Beckley mattress: Twin- $1,182 Full- $1,374 Queen- $1,605 King- $2,103 Cali. King- $2,217 *picked by two famous House Beautiful interior designers in an interview

Keetsa Cal King $1575 for the basic or $1888 for the Tea Leaf Supreme (which is what I would get. It’s local here in SF, family owned and green) * also picked by a famous interior designer in a House Beautiful interview. The only reason I didn’t get it is that I’ve never slept on foam before- not sure about it. Check out this if you’re interested:

Here are the pillows I just bought as well:

Blue Ridge stomach sleeper 16 oz fill 100% white goose down macy’s sale for $60 each (the sale had buy one get one free!)

Amazon- Rest Right pillow covers for $10

I hope this helps!


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