My inspiration: Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids room in Nashville. Read more about that (here).


This is what I started with. It’s a sad, lonely room from that cute toddler room we did.

A sneak peek… (oh Eero, you are too cute.)


He’s having a mini melt-down. Poor guy.

Things I still need to get done: hang the sconces, the floor pillows need covers and the acrylic console table needs to be ordered from CB2.

Oh yeah, we got the mattress! I love it, sleep so well, it’s humungous and I am in heaven. Done.

This was a super quick makeover! It was the last room in the house to get worked on. My budget was $1000 and I have only spend $500. I want it simple and sort of that “unfinished” look that is done so perfectly by children. Less is more for me in this room.

This picture still needs to be hung.

My beautiful mother.

Here’s a break down of how I did it: You can click on the links- they are there you just can’t see them, I need to fix that.

Hardware: Ikea $5

rug: overstock $88 I absolutely love it!

Curtains: Ikea, but re-used from downstairs

Window shade: Urban Outfitters $34

art: Urban Outfitters $54, $24

chalkboard: amazon $20

sheets: wrinkle free from Target $54

mirror: Ikea, $130

sconces: already had, but I got them from Macy’

pillow: already had but was from WS Home on sale, $50

Bed: Kevin made, materials were $100 dollars, it took 3 hours to make

Basket on the floor is from Target in the Smith and Hawkins section- had

Shelf is Ikea-had

I am SO HAPPY to finally have a bed frame/headboard/great mattress combo. It’s such a luxury.


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  1. Elise
    Posted 01.22.13 at 11:37 pm | Permalink

    I love the room having seen it in person. Those giraffe lamps are so wonderful, they look good in any space. The bedroom is comfortable, welcoming, and the perfect combination of simple and interesting.

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